Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meet Super-Tui

This week we went on a Treasure Hunt around Trentham School with Super-Tui - Room 19's new mascot. We looked at things that are around our school that we might not normally notice such as the memorials and signage. This is part of our Inquiry this term which is around what it means to be a Trentham Kid. We have looked at what groups we belong to within the school such as Hubs, Whanau groups and Syndicates. 


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 2

This week for Maths we have been focusing on statistics. We made a pictograph of our Whanau Groups and we also learnt about how to use tally marks to collect data. We went to the fence by Fergusson Drive and counted cars, recording how many cars of 6 selected colours drove by.

This week we focused on knowing what activites to do at reading time when not reading with the teacher. We have  "Must Do's" and "Can Do's", and the children are learning to select the right activity to help them with their learning.

Today we finished the week with a visit from Mike (an artist). He showed the children how to sketch a Tui (our hub bird). Next week we will be adding the colour to our artwork.... watch this space!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Settling Into Room 19

Welcome to Room 19's blog. 

We have been learning about our new classmates and our new classroom this week. We have also named our class mascot......... Blaze. 

Our first assembly today.